Customised smoke and heat extraction and RWS solutions for the new DFB campus

The Deutsche Fußball-Bund e.V. (DFB - German Football Association) has a new home: The DFB campus in Frankfurt am Main is used as a training, conference and administrative centre. It is no wonder that safety is of the utmost importance. Our customised smoke and heat extraction and RWS solutions fulfil these high requirements – as well as corresponding specifications under building law.

Preventive fire protection and smoke and heat extraction on the DFB campus

The purpose of preventive fire protection is to prevent fires from happening, and to slow their spread if they do occur, while protecting persons, buildings, and material assets. Smoke and heat extraction systems are required by law in order to divert smoke and combustion gases out of buildings as quickly as possible in case of a fire. This is regulated, for instance, in state building regulations as well as in the DIN standards “DIN 18232-2 Smoke and heat control systems - Part 2: Natural smoke and heat exhaust ventilators; design, requirements and installation” and DIN EN 12101 “Smoke and heat control systems”.


SHEV solution specially tailored for the DFB football hall

The DFB football hall with shadow play on the pitch and a view of the ceiling construction.

The smoke and heat extraction systems in the indoor soccer court make use of thermal uplift. © Getty Images

The smoke and heat extraction systems in the DFB indoor football court make use of thermal uplift through openings in the top of the façade, in order to ensure quick smoke venting and targeted heat dissipation. Due to the enormous volume of the room, a high air vent opening was needed here.

One unique challenge were the 22 SHEV fresh air openings in the DFB indoor football court, as they are located at a height of 18 meters. In addition, each of the approx. 5m² smoke and heat extraction intake air elements need to be able to open and close quickly and reliably in case of a fire, even under wind pressure.

We created a customised smoke and heat extraction solution to overcome this challenge:

Our E 3000 Syncro heavy-duty spindle drives are particularly well-suited to use in heavy façade and roof window areas, since they have very high push and pull forces. In addition, brackets produced specifically for the DFB indoor football court transmit the loads into the building structure. Now, two type E 3000 Syncro spindle drives per panel ensure the SHEV fresh air openings open and close reliably according to the DIN 1055-4 wind loads.

Advantages of the E 3000 spindle drives

  • Robust and corrosion-resistant spindle drive with built-in end position damping
  • Specially suited for very heavy windows in the roof area
  • Tested as a natural smoke and heat exhaust ventilation device according to DIN EN 12101-2.
  • Ideal for smoke and heat extraction systems and for use in exhaust air systems, as well as for natural ventilation
  • Diverse mounting options on the primary or secondary closing edges thanks to extensive brackets
  • Understated aluminium housing blends in optimally with the architecture

GEZE proved its excellent solution competence at the DFB campus. This is true not only for the door and safety technology, but also for reliable project support from planning to execution, with a contact person available on site.

Marcus Pfeifer, Technical Manager and member of the Board of management at Groß & Partner Grundstücksentwicklungsgesellschaft mbH in Frankfurt, which handled this outstanding project as DFB's general contractor.
View of the press conference area in the DFB headquarters with emergency exit in the background.

The flush-mounted installation of the TZ 320 door control unit blends seamlessly into the room design. © Getty Images

Emergency exit systems (EES) on the exterior doors

Escape and rescue routes are important in large building complexes like the DFB campus in order to ensure quick access for rescue personnel in case of an emergency, and to facilitate safe evacuation. Our TZ 320 door control units for emergency exit systems secure the side exits of the DFB campus against unauthorised opening, and ensure emergency unlocking of the doors in case of an emergency. At the same time, a short-time release from an access control system ensures the doors can be used by authorised persons.

Other advantages of TZ 320 door control units:

  • Conform to the EltVTR (guidelines for electronic locking systems) as well as European standard EN 13637 (electrically controlled emergency exit systems for doors along escape routes)
  • Allow for locked, permanently unlocked, and short-term unlocked modes of operation
  • Programmable relay outputs
  • Integrated LED display for alarm, locking mechanism and door status
  • Integrated weekly timer and airlock function