Perlan 140 glass

Perlan 140 glass with 45 mm glass clamping plate ceiling installation * Sliding door fitting system for glass doors with a leaf weight of 140 kg and ceiling installation

Set Perlan 140 roller sliding system Set Perlan 140 roller sliding system, ID 119336
  • Sliding door fitting for leaf weights of up to 140 kg
  • For glass leaves with a 30 mm glass clamping plate
  • With damping on one or both sides for doors with up to 80 kg leaf weight, so that the door is quietly slowed down and moved into the end position
  • Adjustable height compensation levels out unevenness between the ceiling and the track
  • Precision ball bearings in the roller carriages offer very smooth sliding action
  • Tested for durability in accordance with DIN EN 1527 over 100,000 test cycles
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Application Areas

  • Frequently used interior sliding doors
  • Living, office, and conference areas as well as hotels
  • Installation of fittings in all visible areas
  • Single and multiple-leaf sliding doors
  • Installation to the ceiling

Variants & Accessories


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