TSA 365

TSA 365 * Automatic double leaf revolving door system with integrated sliding door

Revolving door TSA 365
  • Customised choice of diameter, passage height and surfaces
  • Extensive equipment options
  • Powerful drive technology for doors up to 5400 mm diameter
  • Simple installation of the door system
  • Fast commissioning thanks to pre-cabled and configured sensors
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Application Areas

  • Double leaf door systems
  • Interior and exterior doors with high access frequency
  • Representative building entrances with large incidence of light
  • Diameters from 3000 to 5400 mm possible
  • Suitable profile systems are fine-framed profile systems with ISO and mono glass

Technical data

TSA 365
Fully automatic operation Yes
Inner diameter (min.) 3000 mm
Inner diameter (max.) 5400 mm
For 2-leaf door systems Yes
Clear passage height 3000 mm
Canopy height (min.) 300 mm
Illumination Yes

Variants & Accessories


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