Electric strike for fire protection doors (FT-series)

FT500-FB * Electric strike with lock latch guide

  • Approved for smoke and fire protection doors
  • Almost silent opening behaviour with direct current with one click
  • Twin coil technology enables a larger operating voltage range
  • Integrated bipolar EMC protective diode which protects connected electronic components against reverse voltage
  • Compact dimensions
  • Lock latch guide for installation in doors with closed profile edge
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Electric strike with lock latch guide

Application Areas

  • Fire protection doors with swing door drives
  • Installation possible on left and right hand doors as well as horizontal or vertical
  • Connection to direct or alternating current

Technical data

Dimensions 22.8 x 61.8 x 27.7 mm
DIN direction left / right
Set position x grid dimension 4 x 0.75 mm
Latch engagement depth 6.5 mm
Installation position vertical / horizontal Yes
Continuous operation voltage 12V / 24V AC/DC
principle of operation Fail-secure
Approval for smoke protection doors Yes
Approval for fire rated doorsets Yes
Mechanical release No
Door feedback contact No
Bipolar EMC protection diode integrated Yes
Twin coil technology Yes
Integrated wireless module No


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