GEZE wins German Brand Award

As well as taking a new digital route with its GEZE Cockpit building automation system, GEZE is also exploring a new market launch approach. GEZE was named winner in the ‘Building & Elements’ category of the ‘Industry Excellence in Branding’ competition for of its exceptional market launch.

The German Brand Award recognises exceptional brand leadership in Germany and awards unique brands and brandmakers. The ceremony took place at the German Brand Award Convention on 21 June 2018 at one of the most glamorous locations in Berlin, the Palazzo Italia – Römischer Hof. "The award is a testament to how innovative our integrated market launch is as the first 'Digital First Campaign'. This award recognises us for the bold step we have taken in successfully entering the building networking and smart building business together with our highly motivated teams and partners. This is also reflected in the GEZE Cockpit campaign," says Gabi Bauer, Head of International Marketing.

With GEZE Cockpit, we were able to convey the new business model both in communication with our customers and new target audiences and in shaping the market entry."

Gabi Bauer, Head of International Marketing.

Digitalisation opportunity

Angela Staiber, Deputy Manager of the International Marketing Sector, accepted the German Brand Award. Photo: GEZE GmbH

GEZE has been awarded in the ‘Building & Elements’ category ‘’of ‘Industry Excellence in Branding’ competition. © GEZE GmbH

Exact knowledge of the market environment in the door and window sector has always been GEZE's basis for continuing to develop its product range and its capacity to innovate, without distancing itself from its traditional product segments. It’s why GEZE solutions for door, window and safety technology have a high degree of automation and technical intelligence. GEZE is taking the next step in its digitalisation, and has taken new routes from product development to market introduction. A key starting point and challenge was to create the right digital infrastructure for the development and operation of smart software products.

GEZE Cockpit – developed with the users

The building automation system GEZE Cockpit closes a gap in building automation. The integration of automated doors and windows into a building system creates completely new networking possibilities. Precisely understanding the demands of architects and planners, investors, building owners, building operators, installation engineers and system integrators was always a priority for the market launch of GEZE Cockpit. As a result, pilot customers were involved in the project before the completion of all product features. This agile and interactive development approach allowed mistakes to be avoided and significantly reduced the time from product development to the market launch of GEZE Cockpit.

The whole package: Integrated communication with a new design

The concept behind the market launch campaign was to demonstrate GEZE Cockpit’s step into a new business area and its high degree of innovation. So a new design was created with a bold, lively key visual that runs through the entire campaign, contrasting with the well-known GEZE design. The market launch did not just adopt new visual approaches: it is the first GEZE campaign to follow the Digital First Strategy and use the full range of digital communication possibilities. We entrusted its design and roll-out to the expertise and skills of the Stuttgart agency Von Helden und Gestalten.

Central element: The GEZE Cockpit microsite

The campaign began with a teaser video. The central and most comprehensive campaign element is the GEZE Cockpit microsite, which was technically implemented by the Berlin agency interactive tools. Different customer groups, partners and influencers will find information that is tailored to their needs in a clear, understandable and lively way: an illustration of the system, its benefits and added value and all its possibilities. In addition, there are layout examples and case studies. Theservice package included demonstrates how comprehensively customers are supported in implementing GEZE Cockpit system solutions. Of course, GEZE has not renounced the tried-and-tested tactile feel of print brochures in multi-channel communication.

Go to the GEZE Cockpit here

GEZE Cockpit days

Employees from sales and services were also involved in the campaign. In addition to the web-based training courses, the GEZE Cockpit Days ensured staff were familiar with the functionality of GEZE Cockpit and the accompanying communication.

About the German Brand Award 2018

Initiated by the German Design Council, the German Brand Award is a prestigious award for modern brand management, which is judged by a top-class panel of experts from brand management and brand science. The goal is to discover, present and reward brand trends. This should take into account the complexity of brand management and the importance of the brand for the company's success. The qualifications for entry ensure the high quality of the award: the nomination by the German Brand Institute, its brand scouts and expert committees.