Perlan AUT

Perlan AUT 2 wood * Automation for Perlan on doors with a leaf weight of up to 120 kg

Perlan AUT 2 Set wood Whether in public or residential areas, in larger or smaller, in new or existing buildings – solutions by GEZE make everyday life easier for residents and users as well as building operator alike.
  • Automation of Perlan sliding doors with a leaf weight of max. 120 kg
  • Simple driver mounting above on the door leaf
  • For leaves made of wood, plastic, or metal
  • Simple installation of the belt drive beneath the Perlan track
  • Fast drive installation with only 2 screws at the end of the track
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Application Areas

  • Simple and cost-effective automation solution for the Perlan sliding door fitting system
  • Perlan sliding door fitting
  • Shading systems and walk-in wardrobes
  • Single and multi-leaf sliding panel
  • Connection to building management systems possible
  • Mounting to the wall and also to the ceiling via additional ceiling brackets
  • Not for escape or rescue routes

Variants & Accessories


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