Opening drives

E 250 Compact design spindle drive with a wide area of application

E 250 spindle drive
  • Tested as a natural smoke and heat exhaust ventilation device in accordance with GB16806 and with CFPP certificate
  • Different stroke lengths available
  • Inexpensive entry-level solution with large area of application
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Application Areas

  • Smoke and heat extraction system and natural ventilation (24 V) for direct opening in the façade and roof area
  • Can be used in the exhaust air and air intake
  • Installation on wooden, PVC or metal windows

Technical data

E 250
Tensile force 750 N
Operating voltage 24 V DC
Current consumption 0.8 A
Service temperature -5 - 75 °C
Ambient temperature -5 °C - 75 °C
IP rating IP65


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